Quote of the month;

Quote of the Month;
Never was easy.
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Life Lessons, 5: Say No addition

Hello Guys,

So today as you well know is Christmas Eve, everybody in my household went to pick up my sister from university apart from me as I had my boyfriend coming round. We had the house for ourselves, and at first we watched some friends downstairs and then my step dad came home from work so we went upstairs.I was fine with this and we cuddled and watched movies, and yes there was kissing involved. This was all fine. That was until he stole my pillow and he said 'I will give you your pillow if you see my dick' this I was not fine with. It made me feel uncomfortable so I said no. I fought him for the pillow and got it back in the end. We then cuddled some more. But then about 10 minutes before he had to go he said 'if you want some I will give you some' as everybody knows this is from a video going around. Me being me I said 'go on then' then jumped on the bed with my face in my pillow of which I was holding onto dear life of. He then shut the curtains and was fiddling with his jeans as I could hear. He was just like look then, I just simply said I don't want to. This was all while I had my face buried in my pillow. I was thinking I was going to have to stay there for ages until he put it away. But as soon as he realised I was uncomfortable he put it away. As I was quite light headed from basically smothering myself for innocence I then just pretended to sleep. After about 30 seconds of pretending his Mum pulled up outside and he went home. We kissed goodbye and he text me when he got home as if everything was normal. I think everything is normal.

The thing is I really like this guy and I really want this relationship to last. But I feel I am way too young for this and I don't want to be pressured into anything.

All girls and maybe boys who are reading this; don't you ever let somebody force you into something you don't want to do! You have a right to only go up to the stage that you are comfortable and confident in-SO SAY NO! If you need any extra advice on this comment below and I will definitely reply as this is something I feel very strongly about! We shouldn't be forced into things we really don't want to do! 

Merry Christmas 
                         Teenage Dreamer <3

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