Quote of the month;

Quote of the Month;
Never was easy.
"Grow up and accept it"

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New blog

Hiyaaaa, so I haven't posted in time. 
I have decided to start a new blog guys, so please check it out, the content will be very similar but the new blog will be more of me other than a version of me. 
The link is below. Thank you for paying attention to me :) 
Always dreaming and will probably never stop, Teenage Dreamer xxxx

New Blog; http://imaaverageteenagedreamer.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Last night


I thought I might dedicate a whole blog post to the best night of my life. The vamps and union j concert at the London O2 arena yesterday. It was amazing!! I'm going to post some pictures on here. But let me just describe it to you first. The atmosphere of the whole arena was just amazing, everyone was all there to see the people they loved and there was not a bad vibe in the air. It was my first tour I'd ever been on so I'd never experienced something like that, and to experience it with my best friend was the best thing ever. The people there were; Luke Friend, The Tide, Union J, and The Vamps. The main reason I brought the tickets in the first place was because I was obsessed with Union J and my best friend was obsessed with The Vamps. But over the past 6 months I've gone off of Union J a little bit, but not fully. This is only because Ive grown up a little and don't need to obsess over a boy band to be happy anymore. Last night I went back and became a fan girl for the vamps and union j. Which was....fun.... 

So here's the pictures. Thank you for reading :) 

Teenage Dreamer who's dreams are all true :)

Friday, 1 May 2015

The horrible events of today and the amazing events of tomorrow

Today I was taken advantage of. 
Tomorrow I will be the happiest ever.

Today at school was all fine, I was sitting with my friends in all my lessons, we watched a movie in one of them due to the absence of teachers. And everything was fine, I had fun today at school. After school I was going to my friends house, we normally hang out in the park for a bit and then go back to her house and watch a movie. 
There was 8 of us, 4 girls, 4 boys. My ex was meant to go but he dropped out, so it was his best friend and the others were also friends of his. We spent 3 hours at the park we layed on the grass in a circle all laying on each other. I was laying on the guy that had been in relationships with all my friends apart from me. And then I was cold so he gave me his jacket and cuddled me to keep me warm. I thought nothing of it because this is just what he does. Until we got back to my friends house, I was laying on the sofa with my head in his lap when he placed his hand on my boob. I told him to get off but it kept happening and then he told me to get off because I kept shouting at him so I stopped and let him because I was really comfy. He them rested his hand there and squeezed every now and then. He asked me if I cared and I was like yes I do but I don't wanna move. He carried on. He then unzipped my jumper and stuck his hand in my bra. I shouted at him them and got up. He was really disappointed, but I don't honestly care, he can't do that. My ex is his friend. When I went back into the room I was with my friend and he looked at me funny when I sat on the other chair. I hugged him when he went home but I can see it being a bit awkward from now on, it wasn't a good move seeing as he is my boy best friend. Hopefully all will be forgotten. I feel guilty for some reason. I don't know why, I will sleep on it.

Now for the amazing events if tomorrow!
I AM SEEING UNION J AND THE VAMPS AT THE O2 ARENA IN LONDON!!! SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! Don't know how I'm meant to sleep tonight. I love them so much!!

Thank you for reading, if anyone has any advice on what to do about that guy friend of mine please help I'm desperate!

Much love, 
Teenage Dreamer 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Catch up on my pathetic teenage life

Basically I need to rant about how crap my life has been going recently. I like that word...rant....
This is my life of bad things that have happened since March 1st. 
1. Me and my boyfriend broke up on the last day of term. He told my enemy that I am boring as fuck and that he's going to dump me. Obviously this made me angry, even though I said I was going to dump him earlier that day... He had no right to slag me off to the one person I hate the most! We came to the desision that we was better off as friends. But really I haven't spoken to him properly since, I have to see his face everyday it annoys me so muc. He hurt me so I can't be bothered to be friends with him.

2. Basically everyone on my dads side of the family is pregnant... My dads girlfriends is pregant, meaning I will have a new sibling, normally I will be happy but my dad is 47 years old. When the baby is going off the uni my dad will be 65!! My other sister, one of them had a baby last year and now the other is pregant. And my cousin is also pregnant. So yeah everyone is pregant!!

3. The majority of people on this earth have been annoying me! Is there any need to throw pens down the stair well or push each other down the corridor or spray men's Lynx on my school skirt! Is there any need? NO THERE ISN'T, SO WHY DO PEOPLE DO IT! I had a go at a few people in the corridor...

4. No one is happy anymore! Everyone just seems so down and it is beginning to affect me. All of my friends have been so quiet towards me. I don't know what I've done. Maybe it's other stuff but something is up. Today I couldn't deal with the atmosphere in the room so I broke out in year and left the classroom. I think I deserve an explanation but nobody is giving it to me.

5. The world is just a messed up place. Nobody thinks fairly, you can't trust anybody, everyone is ready to stab a knife through anyone back.

So yeah, that's my rant. My pathetic rant. If you don't like it, learn to get over it. Oh yeah that's my new motto by the way; get over it. I've said that a lot. If you read this thank you for listening to my rant about my life. 

Any advice on any of my situations?

Thank you, Teenage dreamer xox

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Live every day as if it is your last

I found this quote Twitter and it made me think, anything can happen in one day. Tomorrow somebody you love could not be around anymore, many people die daily for many reasons. Live every day like it's your last! Never leave on bad terms with somebody you need in your life and your not going to see in a while, because you will regret your spiteful words if something happens. Everything happens in one day and nobody can change that. Everybody has bad days but it is not the end of the world. Life is like a book, if there is one bad page it doesn't mean it's the end of the book. It is unlikely that your story is going to end abruplty after that one page, so never stop making your life better. Everything changes in one day, small changes, but they can make a big difference in your life. Try not to be angry, sad or any other negative emotion because for every minute you are negative you lose 60 seconds of happiness. THE PURPOSE OF OUR LIVES IS TO BE HAPPY!

Thanks for reading,
Teenage Dreamer xox

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Life lessons 6; Types of Relationships


So today I decided to do a post on relationships seeing as Valentine's Day has just passed and relationships are a big part in our lives.
There are many different types of relationships; Parent relationships, friendship, romantic relationships, sibling relationships, plus some more. 
Any type of family relationship is very important, especially sibling because they are going to be the ones that are always there for you. If you are an only child then you probably have a closer relationship with your parent or parents and that's good too! Siblings and parents may annoy us so much but we need them so don't let it get to you. 
The next type of relationship I will talk about I friendship. Everybody needs friends, but only if they are real! Fake friends don't deserve a place in our lives. Most of us put too much trust in our friends and then they go and turn against us. Before you fully trust someone make sure they are there for good, make sure they aren't telling other people your secrets and make sure they are not going to ditch you when you need them the most! I have a really close friend, who lives nowhere near me but she is still my best friend. I met her at a holiday camp 7 years ago and we have been meeting up every summer since. I tell her everything and she tells me everything, friends don't have to be close to be real. The long distance friendships always work better because they can't annoy you as much ;) 
Now on to romantic relationships, probably the most confusing relationships of them all. Not everyone needs a romantic relationship in their lives because with it brings added stress and hormones. Romantic relationships are great if we are talking about the kissing, the late night calls, the iloveyou's, the random texts, the cuddles and the dates. But if we are making a list of the bad things; the constant fear they are cheating on you, the sexually frustrated teenage boy, the winding up, the rumours, worrying people will think your a slut. Basically all the bad stuff balances out the good. Sometimes I wish I never got a boyfriend but other times I'm really happy that I have him there. I do love him and he loves me but the added stress is too much :D I'm not gonna break up with him though... Romantic relationships can be good and bad, but it's whether your in the right place of mind.

If you have anymore types of relationships, let me know in the comments, and tell me about your experience in any type of relationship. 

There's my insight on a few types of relationships, thanks for reading
Teenage Dreamer xox

Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day <3

So as you all probably know Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so I decided to post. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my life has kind of become really busy. I'm only ever free after school now on Tuesday's and Fridays and I dedicate my Friday's to my friends and boyfriend so I'm busy then too :) 

Is it just me or has life just become more hetic since christmas?! It's crazyyyyy! I mean girls have become bitcher, boys have become MORE sexually frustrated, Mums have become more worrying and everything! 

Back onto the subject of Valentine's Day... Are any of you doing anything? Me and my friend Are being surprised by our boyfriends who are best friends :) I hate suprises! So I am desperately trying to figure this one out! Literally every else knows except me and Her! I think it's got something to do with bowling... I'm excited though! I'm getting a rose today in school, which I am wayyyyy to excited about! And I accidentally promised my boyfriend something that I don't want to give him...why can't I just say no? I told him only if I feel like it though. Guess what that is in the comments ;) Let me know what you are doing on the most romantic day of the year below in te comments <3

Thanks for reading, 
Teenage Dreamer xox

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sexually Frustrated Teenage Boys

Hello people of the world,

As you can probably tell by the title, today's blog is going to be about sexually frustrated teenage boys. As a teenage girl, I feel as if all boys are very pervy. They always seem to want to swoon around a girls backside or boobs. I find this very uncomfortable and it need to stop! Boys should respect girls and their boundaries and not always want to 'do stuff' with them. 

Let me tell you a story. You know the say no one already, but since then while my boyfriend was drunk he showed me his penis on FaceTime, I shouted at him so it's all good. This week my boyfriend text my friend 'lollypop' and asked her who she like liked. Obviously she text me because he said he's doing a favour for a friend. I wanted to know which pone of his friends like lollypop so I text him and he said he'd only tell me if I gave him a blowjob. I really don't want to do this, it is way past my line, so far last the line that the line is just a dot to it. The thought just scares me! As it should with any young girl! To try and make him tell me I said I wouldn't a few weeks (lying obviously) and he said he will tell me afterwards -_- I was like I reckon you should me now and he just kept saying no. He said 'he respects his friends secrets unless something happens'. I ended up forgetting about it. Until we went back to school and I realised he's told one of his friends what I'd said so now he knows, this made me angry so I didn't talk to either of them for a whole day. Yesterday he did that really cheesy line 'abcefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz' 'you forgot the d' 'you will get that soon' I was like there is no possible way of getting out of this so I just went along with it but after the last part I said 'that's what you think' he was like but you said. Then we had this whole conversation about it and it was fine. I'm still not gonna do it though. :-) 

So boys are really sexually frustrated, it's wrong, they shouldn't be, they should respect a girl. But they don't and there's nothing we can do about except say no. So remember always say no to something you don't want to do and don't let teenage boys force you into things you don't want to. Don't go past your boundaries. 

Please if anyone has any advice for me, I know I give people advice but there is no one to give me any :( so please help, comment below?

Thank youuuuu, 
                        Teenage Dreamer xox

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Life Lessons, 5: Say No addition

Hello Guys,

So today as you well know is Christmas Eve, everybody in my household went to pick up my sister from university apart from me as I had my boyfriend coming round. We had the house for ourselves, and at first we watched some friends downstairs and then my step dad came home from work so we went upstairs.I was fine with this and we cuddled and watched movies, and yes there was kissing involved. This was all fine. That was until he stole my pillow and he said 'I will give you your pillow if you see my dick' this I was not fine with. It made me feel uncomfortable so I said no. I fought him for the pillow and got it back in the end. We then cuddled some more. But then about 10 minutes before he had to go he said 'if you want some I will give you some' as everybody knows this is from a video going around. Me being me I said 'go on then' then jumped on the bed with my face in my pillow of which I was holding onto dear life of. He then shut the curtains and was fiddling with his jeans as I could hear. He was just like look then, I just simply said I don't want to. This was all while I had my face buried in my pillow. I was thinking I was going to have to stay there for ages until he put it away. But as soon as he realised I was uncomfortable he put it away. As I was quite light headed from basically smothering myself for innocence I then just pretended to sleep. After about 30 seconds of pretending his Mum pulled up outside and he went home. We kissed goodbye and he text me when he got home as if everything was normal. I think everything is normal.

The thing is I really like this guy and I really want this relationship to last. But I feel I am way too young for this and I don't want to be pressured into anything.

All girls and maybe boys who are reading this; don't you ever let somebody force you into something you don't want to do! You have a right to only go up to the stage that you are comfortable and confident in-SO SAY NO! If you need any extra advice on this comment below and I will definitely reply as this is something I feel very strongly about! We shouldn't be forced into things we really don't want to do! 

Merry Christmas 
                         Teenage Dreamer <3

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Life Lessons, 4: Say No

Hello Guys, 

So yesterday I went to my boyfriends house and stayed there for a few hours. I almost got pressured into something I didn't want to do but I just said no. It was quite hard for me to do this but some things you just have to do. 

Never be afraid to say no, don't be pressured into anything you are not ready for or simply just don't want to do. Whether it's kissing someone, or simply just going somewhere. If you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. 

Good Luck, 
                   Teenage Dreamer <3