Quote of the month;

Quote of the Month;
Never was easy.
"Grow up and accept it"

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Life Lessons: First Post

Hi guys, this is my first post on life lessons!

Today I have learnt that not everyone has their own opinion, and what they do always depends on someone else. I was like this once when I wouldn't go anywhere unless my friends went with me, my mum hated it. I wouldn't go out with my crush without someone else or anything. Luckily now I have stopped and as you saw a few posts ago my crush is now my boyfriend and we've been on a date. 

To all people without independence, put yourself out there and don't be scared. I'm not saying go out by self every day, I'm saying just be independent. Like what you want, be who want to be and go where you want to go. 

Be yourself;
                  Teenage Dreamer <3

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