Quote of the month;

Quote of the Month;
Never was easy.
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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Teenage Love

Hello World, 

So yeah I am in a good mood! The boy I liked that I accidentally said no to is now my boyfriend of 1 week and 2 days! I have been talking to him for a while-like since the end of august-and we became really close, I had never really spoken to him before even though he is in my form at school. As this blog is anonymous, I am thinking of a name to call him on here, to keep my identity. So far we have been out twice, the first time last week and the second yesterday. 

Last week he held my hand and then I was swinging it(habit I guess) and then I felt a bit uncomfortable so I went a bit crazy so I tried to make Him skip with me...He didn't. We went out with a couple of my friends that time so he was the only boy, I thought this would be bad for him to start but it wasn't at all. It was an amazing day out.

Yesterday it was just us as all of my friends and his friends were busy. We just went shopping as it was black Friday! It was a an amazing date! We held hands and I was perfectly fine! We went into a couple of shops and brought a few bits and pieces. And then my mum picked us up and we came back to my house. I thought this would be really awkward! But it wasn't at all!!! I was terrified of being alone with him, I wasn't going to go. But I did and it ended up being like the best evenings I've ever had!!! We played a little bit of sims, and attempted to watch a movie but he didn't want to he wanted to mess around. So we did.We didn't do anything we wasn't meant to, obviously! We kinda just play fought a bit and talked. He even had a go at me for not eating my food, as I have stopped eating at the moment (I don't know why, food is just making me feel ill, if you have any information on this please comment!) We was meant to be dropping him home at 8:45 but he refused to leave unless I kissed him. We had not kissed yet so I was scared. He stole my phone a couple of times so I ended up sitting on him, he then made a kissy face towards me. I was like this is a terrible position for 14 year olds to be kissing in!!! So I got up and forgot about it. Then when he just left my room and we was standing outside my bedroom door he did it again and he would move . I kissed him in the end and it was nice. 

I seriously think this was an amazing night. We have been talking all day and I feel that we really bonded last night. Let this be a lesson to all of those teenage girls at there with major crushes! Never say no in the moment and if you do, get your best friend to sort it out for you if you are too scared to do it yourself! That's what I did when he asked me out face to face, I told him I'd think about it and then told my best friend to make a decision for me! They always know best! 

Girls, don't be scared, put yourself out there and tell the boy what you want! You want to hold his hand? Grab it. You want to kiss him? Lean in and do it! Don't be afraid of the unknown!

Do what makes you happy, 
                                 Teenage Dreamer <3

P.s. I brought this book yesterday- Girl Online, By Zoe Sugg (aka 'Zoella') It is an amazing book! I have almost finished it already! 50 pages to go!!! I recommend this book to every teenage girl out there!!! 

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  1. Sorry if this post is a bit much for you all...hope you like it xxx